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NEW YORK CITY - My art gallery has travelled to your town, in collaboration with Sony Pictures, to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of one of the greatest films of ALL-TIME, Ghostbusters.

THIS SATURDAY NIGHT, we open up a traveling art show, with original paintings, limited edition prints, sculptures and apparel - AND IT IS EPIC. You’re the first stop, so you have to represent and come say hi.

The gallery is at 69 Leonard St, near the famous firehouse from the film. The opening reception is from 7-10 PM. We will be open every day through April 26th from 11-7 PM. We’ve even teamed up with Johnny Cupcake, Rebel8, LRG and Homage to make Ghostbusters shirts that are soooooo good.

More details can be found here -

Busting makes me feel good.

DYING to go to this







There has only been five female characters comfirmed playable compared to fifteen male characters.

I’m amazed at those exact numbers because 33% is the point where men will start thinking there’s a majority of women in a group.

On that note let’s add Krystal, Palutena, Cordelia, Dixie Kong, Roll and Princess Hilda.  I’m dead serious, i want them all in Smash Bros.

"Not meant to be warriors or fight men," pshh *COUGH*Samus*COUGH*

Why the hell haven’t they added Midna yet?!

I’d play the fuck out of Super Smash Sisters are you kidding me

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